CSC Funk Band

The CSC Funk Band is Minimalist Funk. Repetition experiments. Improvisation exercises. Family fun. All star band killing it featuring Colin…

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Live at Zebulon 2017 - Album
This is the first CSC Funk Band release, before we even had the name. That terrible combination of 3 words…


timdax Nov 11, 2011

fan! fan! big ol crazy fan! yup yup mhm. thank u guys! ;) rock on. :)

NartraRadioRoma May 28, 2010 Playlist NartraradioRoma vs All: 01_Bob Ostertag - eat dust (FMA) 02_CSC Funk Band - caneca (FMA) 03_Peter Sharp - come to me (Jamendo) 04_Absolute - night in Detroit (Jamendo) 05_Peter Sharp - why not? (Jamendo) 06_His Electro Blue Voice...

jason Apr 15, 2010

Matt of Talbam! and CSC Funk Band is currently artist-in-residence at Issue Project Room, and he's set up this pretty rad show coming up on April 19th

Phil Apr 15, 2010

wow. great music!