Third-eye-opening minimalist kraut-rockers CAVE originally formed in Columbia, Missouri. The four piece of Rotten Milk (synthesizer), Cooper Crain (guitars/organ), Dan…

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Butthash 2008 - Album
'Machines & Muscles', a lush & epic approach, like a neanderthal krautrock. Reminiscent of Peng-era Stereolab this builds & builds…


beetroute Jan 06, 2013

Hey. Happy new year! I really love your tracks!. I specifically love Machines and Muscles. I've been cycle touring around the world with my girlfriend for the last seventeen months... so far we've ridden 22,000 kms from the UK to...

Noise Problems Mar 31, 2012

Enormous cave...

uiutna Feb 09, 2011

mega super best

Fjordin Nov 23, 2010

Fantastic music.