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Hunt Like Devil EP by CAVE

Album Description

Released:January 7th, 2009
Recorded:November 26th, 2008

Another splinter-off project making some good noise is Cave, sprung from post-rock-metal-whatsiz unit Warhammer 48K. On an LP compiling two EPs Hunt Like the Devil/Jamz (Permanent Records), shifting metrics of gunky synths, repetitive basslines and overall astral-gazing permeate these grooves in abundance. If Oneida were devoid of a bit of their precision and sprawled in a way to let figures tumble over into each other more often you might get an idea of what Cave were up to rhythmically, but it's when the guitars start to go into acid rampage mode is when I really get interested. Once they start cooking there's some comparisons to Comets on Fire, Titan, or the Heads, but in some ways it still resides  in some of the safer zones of a number of the Can-worship types who take it all a bit too literally. Which isn't to say it's a bad thing; there are plenty of surprises and sharp turns going on in the studio which make these two EPs diverse, I guess I'd like to hear the production a little rougher around the edges and let certain elements come unhinged a bit more, but again, pretty nice listening. (-via Brian Turner at WFMU's Beware of the Blog!)



Hunt Like Devil EP

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