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Bryan Lewis Saunders - 87 Dreams of a Sociopath
Bryan Lewis Saunders - 87 Dreams of a Sociopath
suRRism-Phonoethics Proudly Presents Bryan Lewis Saunders and his major spill! ‘87 Dreams Of A Sociopath’ a giant leap in time! wearing microphones as pillow smiles, Bryan Lewis Saunders appears to be to most valuable sleeper of the 87 shattered dream chambers attached to blankets of stellar quality,- we suffer jaw cramps! – Jaan Patterson This fine release of his also features an amazing E-Book (PDF) with Bryan’s Illustrations and collages starting from 1995-present. “The following dream descriptions were recorded upon waking up between 2005-2009, and transcribed as poems in October 2009. The illustrations were completed from 1995 to present. All
vocal recordings are considered fairuse, for artists to use at will.” -Bryan Lewis Saunders ‘For my ‘Don Vague’ missions, I would certainly choose Mr.Saunders as appropriate Investigator & fellow traveler the next time we exhibit!’ -André Pissoir ‘Encountering Bryan Lewis Saunders, was like being tied to notion as leaving the house, watering the bed, proofing eyelid environments, and being not even available - i don’t know, it just had me as the lights went out!’ -Lester Béton Receive your eligible copy here: or here: Bryan Lewis Saunders ’87 Dreams of a Sociopath’ (mp3 and covers) Here’s the fantastic E-Book (PDF) for download. Or read online here E-Book (PDF) Bryan Lewis Saunders ’87 Dreams of a Sociopath’ Visit the master: Bryan Lewis Saunders



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