Brown Wing Overdrive

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the last BWO performance:
Brown Wing Overdrive is Chuck Bettis (electronics + throat), Mikey IQ Jones (electronics, objects, percussion, vocals) and Derek Morton (electronics, banjo). They started as a duo of Bettis & Morton, then with the addition of Mikey IQ Jones, became a trio for a couple of years until IQ went rogue shortly after BWO's Tzadik record was released. For a few years BWO explored rituals as an amorphous group that constantly included Bettis & Morton plus many great musicians; influenced by pollution, angry shamans, burning circuitry, lonely poltergeists, sandpaper, dental work, alarm clocks, hallucinogenic banjo claw hammer, trash trucks, beat box'in, synthy modular meltdown and chaotic analog.  Now IQ has returned from his walkabout and BWO has resurrected as the original trio to bring forth the insanity once again. 
also, BWO's "ESP Organism can be ordered directly through Tzadik  
Brown Wing Overdrive + (((10))) "Zombie Allergy" Living Myth
Brown Wing Overdrive "L Phantasm" Kavekavity 
Brown Wing Overdrive "Esp Organism" Tzadik 
Brown Wing Overdrive "We've Got Issues: live at Issue Project Room" Living Myth*"We've Got Issues" was tour only recording, now out of print but the live show is on FMA