Bob Ostertag

Classwar Karaoke is proud to release the Bob Ostertag album, Say No More Volume 1. Originally released separately as Say…

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Motormouth 2011 - Album
All this music was played on a Buchla 200e modular synthesizer. The 200e is Don Buchla's recent reincarnation of the…



Jaan Patterson Aug 23, 2010


NartraRadioRoma May 28, 2010 Playlist NartraradioRoma vs All: 01_Bob Ostertag - eat dust (FMA) 02_CSC Funk Band - caneca (FMA) 03_Peter Sharp - come to me (Jamendo) 04_Absolute - night in Detroit (Jamendo) 05_Peter Sharp - why not? (Jamendo) 06_His Electro Blue Voice...