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From video work by House Plants (NY)
LOCATION:Ridgewood, NY 11385
  • Ben von Wildenhaus
  • Federation X, Two Dark Birds, Juanita Family and Friends
RECORDINGS UNDER FIVE MINUTES BY BEN VON WILDENHAUS DELIVERED THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF PODCAST FROM BROOKLYN, NY. ALWAYS NO LYRICSINSTRUMENTAL QUAALUDE was an mp3cast released from 2009-2011. Initially, the mp3s arrived weekly. In 2010, the posts became sparser as Wildenhaus completed work on the vinyl record Great Melodies From Around
and sired his first born. The flow of music, fragments, and sounds from brain and hands directly to low quality mp3 format and rss feed was intended to keep musical creativity high and recording techiniques experimental throughout the 2 year period that Great Melodies From Around was concieved, recorded, and edited. Sometimes hit, sometimes miss.Free Music Archive offers the majority of these mp3casts remastered for higher quality mp3s than the original posts, and available for use through a Creative Commons Attribution license. Some of the original posts are omitted in these volumes because of either the appearance of the recordings in other media and due to copyright laws. Instrumental Quaalude posts of other's compositions are available through links provided in each volume's notes.

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photo by House Plants