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Instrumental Quaalude, vol. 3

Album Description

photo by House Plants
photo by House Plants
These tracks were originally released via the music podcast Instrumental Quaalude in the weeks between January 3rd, 2010 - May 12th, 2010. "Week Twenty," a rendition of Erik Satie's "Gnossiennes I - Lent," and "Week Twenty-two," a rendition of Bill Evans' "RE: Person I Knew" are omitted on FMA but
are available for download from Week Twenty-four was a 35 second collage of the tracks from Great Melodies From Around. Instrumental Quaalude was an online outlet for the compositional fragments, improvisations, and recording experiments of Ben von Wildenhaus in the three years during which WIldenhaus recorded, mixed, and released "Great Melodies From Around." INSTRUMENTAL QUAALUDE, VOL. 3 RECORDINGS UNDER FIVE MINUTES BY BEN VON WILDENHAUS DELIVERED THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF PODCAST FROM BROOKLYN, NY. ALWAYS NO LYRICS. 1.Week Nineteen first oscillates between Dbm/Ab and Abm/E. In the bridge the chords Ebm7/Db, Gm, Db/Gb repeat before returning to the previous two chords. There is also a melody. Performed by SG. (5 minutes, 10 seconds). 2. Week Twenty-one is one rather claustrophobic envisioning of life in the Northwest. There are surely others. I suppose it might sound like Bill Orcutt and Dave Holland. (4 minutes, 40 seconds). 3. Week Twenty-three is solo electric guitar. (2 minutes, 34 seconds). 4. Week Twenty-five is an electric guitar improvisation over a rhythmic and tonal center established with a loop. F. F#. A melody emerges in minute 4. (5 minutes, 25 seconds). 5. Week Twenty-six is layered guitar improvisations. The exploited difference here is between wet and dry guitar strings. Ab is the name of the game. (5 minutes, 10 seconds). 6. Week Twenty-seven. Piano plays a 4/4 chordal backing. Destructed sine waves ruin accordion melody. Bass enters to compliment the piano while the sine waves attempt to ruin everything. For Johanne Fück. (4 minutes, 12 seconds). 7. Improvisation on red guitar (4 minutes, 44 seconds).


UPLOADED: 02/27/2012

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