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 BIG TreaL (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:Charlotte, NC
  • Joe Grizzly
BIG TREAL exploded onto the scene in 2001 and was immediately recognized by his peers as one of the hottest new hip-hop artists in the south. His style can be identified in one word, CHARLOTTE! Piercing lyrics, unique style and a fiery stage presence have continued to leave crowds breathless.
In 1999, BIG TREAL graduated from North Carolina Central University located in Durham, North Carolina, with degrees in Political Science and History. The name TREAL means, The Real Education Always Lives. This means he is going to educate you with the real education on life that will always stay with you. He talks about real issues and schools you on living in the Queen City and his past life experiences which everyone can relate to and learn from. TREAL composes all of his own songs, produces tracks, and even writes for other up-and-coming artist. TREAL's ability to reach others through his music and spoken word is truly like nothing anyone has ever heard before. TREAL's influences in music go back to Outkast, Geto Boys, Snoop Dogg, Issac Hayes, Willie Hutch, BIG and Tupac. His debut appearance was performing at Fat City in 2001 and has released over 8 mixtapes and had guest features on Little Brother's "Separate But Equal" full length album on the track "Cross That Line" and 9th Wonder's "Dream Merchant" full length album with the track "Baking Soda". Now in 2008, TREAL is ready to show the world what he has been working on, 4 incredible hip hop albums. First off will be "Just Today" produced entirely by Seattle Based producer Eric G and featuring guest appearances from Big Remo, Torae, and Kil Ripkin. TREAL will also be releasing an album on 9th Wonder's new label in 2009 entitled "James Lilley Son" produced entirely by 9th Wonder. His other upcoming releases are; Mikal Evans and BIG TREAL Present "Dumplings" and BIG Remo and BIG TREAL's "Str8 Drop 2: De Done Deal". Expect this Charlotte, North Carolina emcee to make moves for many years to come! -Domination Recordings