Stimulus EP


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Released May 05, 2009
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About the release: Charlotte, North Carolina emcee BIG TReaL returns with his latest release the "Stimulus" EP that is now available for free download. On this 9-track EP; BIG TReaL speaks on real life issues such as: economy, religion, American politics and much more. The "Stimulus" EP features original production from 9th Wonder, Eric G, FLB, Chicky P and Ill Phil. Be on the look out for much more from BIG TReaL in 2009!
Words from BIG TReaL... I really like drinking, smoking and chasing babes just as much as the next man. Trust me, its great. As a matter fact, i like rappin about it just as much. Only problem is so does everybody else. So thanks to D.J. and the good people at Domination Recordings, I have decided to drop a album for free download, called "The Stimulus Package", detailing exactly how I feel about the current state of America and how we can rebound from the peril we are facing. Its so easy to tell u how many niggaz I kill/have killed/will kill/or think about killing, how many drugs i push and my gross profit, how many women i got/had or at least told u i had, and my rim size but i prefer to show u truths with lyrical prowess and not catchy cadence. I prefer to show my artistry and not my ignorance. This product is designed to save your life. It is not something to be looked at as foolishness, an attempt to gain stardom with nothing other then "shock value", or to simply have a ringtone. This is real. For example, songs like "The Obama Effect" (prod by Fat Lester Baracus for DRP) deal with an unconventional truth. Racism is going to be worst now then it ever was. There is no such thing as a post racial era and if u think it is, u live in the Matrix. Take your right hand, put it towards the back of your head and pull the cord out accordingly. The powers that be have decided that we can never be one America. What for? Where's the money in that?
"Permanant Underclass" (prod by FLB for DRP) describes the BLATANT attempt of making us blacks bottomfeeders. Disenfranchised, hopeless, bottomfeeders. Ronald Wilson Reagan sold dope to our communities in efforts to fund a private war and then blamed the shit on Ollie North. We have not rebounded from the "crack era" yet!! To add insult to injury, we became slaves to debt and continue to live out of our means in hopes for status and a monetary gain.We have become jesters in this court called Life and it seems too many of us are content with cooning and bafoonery, whether it be in life, art, or expression in general. We have yet to realize the concept of inductive and deductive reasoning thus leading us to rash decision-making in efforts to be "real". While the other races stand back and question our follies, we empower them. These things MUST be addressed and corrected.
Finally, "No More" (prod by 9th Wonder) is a jam were I decided to tell the masses that if this dumb shit we doing is all part of being a nigga, then I'm not interested any longer. I personally don't have a problem with the N-Word. Shit, if u want to call yourself a cotdamn Bacon head I wouldn't give a fuck. BUT, if the interpretation of being a "Nigga" is to be poor, ignorant, unruly, and grossly miseducated, I concede. I can not be linked to such stupidity. I come from a time where NIGGA was an acronym for Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. Now its Non Intelligent Goons Get Angry! I just made that up. You can use it if u like. lol But seriously, as NYOIL (check him out, he dope!!) said, "We can not embrace or disgraces!!" and acting like its cool to be a damn fool has to be erased from our youths minds and replaced with thoughts of positivity and prosperity.
I'm not a preacher. I don't claim to be the smartest MF on the planet either. I'm just tryna kick it to u as i see it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Its almost over. You must make a decision. The money that u know now, wont mean shit by this time next year. You must be prepared. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. Do the Knowledge. Get smart. Start reading and watch for the closing door. Peace - BIG TReaL aka Joe Grizzly
via Domination Recordings

Genre Hip-Hop