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With sounds as expansive as his mind and rhythms that demand movement, you will not want to sleep on any release. From original music to remixes to collaborations to DJ mixes, B1t Crunch3r has got it down to a science.
With releases on B1tCrunch3r Recordings, Take 5 Music, Substruk and Planet Terror, his is a name you will want to take note of. His unique sound may just be what your mixes are missing. Coming from a rich background in Florida's electronica scene, B1t Crunch3r has taken those elements with him here to the West Coast and effectively incorporated them into a sound that is all his own. It seems as though B1t Crunch3r is almost masochistic in nature while creating and only produces the highest quality music possible.
Starting on wind instruments to strings and keyboards, B1t Crunch3r moved his way through the musical family. It has allowed him to find new and inventive ways to create music. Soon enough his musical path brought him to engineering, where he now is focusing on creating and spinning dubstep, experimental, break beat, drum and bass, and trip hop genres.

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