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Gandalf was a Fifth Level Magic User by Astrometrics

Album Description

Producer: Astrometrics
Engineer: Astrometrics
ASTROMETRICS "Phantasmal Forces" (2019) Irene Prix: Guitar & Vocals Teemu Tuovinen: Keyboards Kalle Alho: Bass Joonas Laine: Drums Music & lyrics: Joonas Laine All arrangements by Astrometrics This album is licensed for non-commercial use with attribution (CC BY-NC 3.0). Please use the following attribution: Astrometrics: [Song name] ( Mixing: Joonas
Laine Mastering: Jaakko Viitalähde Cover Layout: Joonas Laine Cover Elements: Kukka (Credit: Joonas Laine) Cover font: Fyodor. Designed by Chris Hughes. SIL Open Font License. Lyrics: Gandalf was a Fifth Level Magic User Fireballs, lightning bolts, phantasmal force and even easier tricks than those The selection of spells he sports shows clearly just how far his ability goes We conclude: there is no proof whatsoever that the famous Gandalf was capable of anything that would go beyond the starting levels of a dabbling mage Gandalf the Gray was only a fifth level magic user He couldn't save even his own arse what a loser! If this sounds preposterous then just check yourself the sources, it's plain to see Every spell he ever cast — his reputation's bloated self-evidently And Sauron himself, by the way, was not as powerful as he, too, is made out to be He was only eighth or seventh level magic user seems clear to me Based on the facts! I just looked up the sources Have a look at the facts! Just take a look at the sources I Dream of a Genie in a Light Brown Box I have seen the genie on a bright blue screen others I know say the light is green Yet others I know assert the screen is white but we all have something that will make things alright I dream of a, I dream of a genie in a light brown box My friends told me about it I saw it on TV I begged my parents that they purchase one for me I will love my genie forevermore I will love my genie when we're both sixty-four I dream of a, I dream of a genie in a light brown box