Arne Bang Huseby

Arne Huseby lives at Nesodden, a small town south of Oslo, Norway. He plays, compose and produces music as a…

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Scottiedawg_2 Feb 11, 2018

You have a perfect song for use in a documentary project I am working on. I would like to obtain a commercial use license for use of one of your songs. How do I contact you?

ziamarina Jun 13, 2014

Great ! Stormy blues is just what i was looking for my free (!!!) graphic adventure game. BUT... may i freely include it in the game only giving you appropriate credit, providing a link to the license, and indicating if...

Davidjradke Mar 25, 2013

Your music is beautiful! I'd like to use your song 'It was Only Yesterday' for a video, would that be all right? I can send samples of the work if you would like. Thanks!

geraldfei Oct 05, 2012

nice music!!!!! i love it