Arne Bang Huseby

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Arne Huseby lives at Nesodden, a small town south of Oslo, Norway.
He plays, compose and produces music as a hobby. His regular job is
to teach probability theory and risk analysis at the University of Oslo.

Over the years he has played in several groups including smoothjazz
bands and folk bands. He has also conducted several choirs. Thus, he is
not restricted to a particular music style.
Arne's main instrument is guitar. His collection of guitars includes
a Martin guitar, a Goudin gut-string, two Gibson guitars, an ES335 and
an ES330, a Fender Stratocaster, an Ibanez Roadstar II as well as an
Ibanez 6-strings bass guitar.
Arne has a small studio where he can do recordings, including acoustic takes.
Arne loves the opportunity to post music on the internet. SoundCloud
makes the process really nice and easy. The thought of his music being
played all around the world is very rewarding. He also enjoy and
appreciate all comments.
So far his SoundCloud contributions have been instrumental tracks,
but he plans to post tracks with vocals as well in the future. He
colaborates with several good singers, so stay tuned. There will be a
lot more stuff coming up soon!