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Head of Ancante, Talking Tree by Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness

Album Description

Order cassette from Centipede Farm Artwork hand-painted by Matt Sidney  "Ak’chamel calls out some seriously weird ritualistic cult jams that aim to connect with the Nightosphere by way of midnight smoke chants, all manner of beasts hypnotized and speaking in tongues while plinking away on a broken spike fiddle, pounding a ratty drum, and droning on whatever noisemaker they can find, meandering and absolutely fucked, lo-fi doesn’t even begin to describe this stuff, it’s dank as hell with deep warble & crackle sounding like it was recovered from a tape found melting on orange embers, moments of lucidity are nowhere
to be found, this is crazy hallucinatory shit that only asks you let go of your preconceptions and just fuckin go with it, let the shamans lead, they’ll show you the Dark Party, and you’ll never want to leave." -Anti-Gravity Bunny "Witch house. Not the genre, but like an actual witch house. That’s how the new tape from Texas' Ak’chamel sounds. The label, Centipede Farm, describes it as shaman rock. Alright. Like chanting around huge fires and summoning shit and Fucking With Spirits. ‘Cept shamans were praised for their divine abilities while witches were burned at the stake. Although, if spirits are all rooted in existence after life, then I suppose those who fuck with ‘em get what’s coming to them in the afterlife." -Tiny Mix Tapes 



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