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 23 And Beyond The Infinite (2 Albums, 16 Tracks)


On the 23 of May 2012 four guys from Benevento, Italy, decide to embark on a difficult journey through the infinity. Their own infinite. In their bags just post-punk and early shoegaze fascinations. After a first year of "journey", tormented and confused, with many a changes of directions and, September
2014 is finally the time when their project reaches some form of stability and strength with new musicians joining the band and a firm veer towards the psychedelic sound universe. On the 14 of February 2014 their first 4-tracks EP, "Dumbo Gets Drunk" is released, a ticket to what will be their first full-length album, the one here hosted, "Faces From The Ancient Gallery", completed in December. Now the band is working on an upcoming third album.