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About Urban Home Companion

Urban Home Companion

Hop in the DeLorean, shall we, to 2005 where Urban Home makes its debut releasing hip-hop/rock album After What Came Before from The Blend while in the same breath (month) staged a hip-hop theatre production to the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus with Embarrassed in Rarig: The Private and Public Humiliation of Students of Color in and outside of the Rarig Center (try saying that 10 times fast… kidding, don’t.) Sustaining as a ghost label for The Blend and hip-hop theatre company, Urban Home Companion hustled single handedly by Toussaint Morrison. Within a span of 365 days, Urban Home cemented itself as a household name throughout the Midwest from basement shows to metropolitan ballrooms, delivering a message of equity through the mediums of rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop and theatre.

Thread 2006 with the lambasting hip-hop theatre production of How It Is: The Space Between You And Everyone Else and The Blend’s EP release of Last Piece Of A Broken Cause, and Urban Home Companion is now a logo of activism as much as it is designated space for Midwest artists alike. The staging of How It Is returned for an encore by audience demand and motivated discussion of race, class and gender throughout Minneapolis. Urban Home moved on to produce two more theatricals, Thursday Night and Nonetheless, reflecting issues of race, gender, sociological equity, and substance abuse.

Later, fostering the musical likes of Lazlo Supreme, Jimmy & The Threats, and Toussaint Morrison as a solo artist, the archive releases grew to climb CMJ charts and into the iPods of millions across the country.

Now, supported by a team of three, Scott Braga, Amy Novarro, and Toussaint Morrison, Urban Home Companion has developed a film branch already piecing together digital shorts and set to produce a short film over the summer of 2013. Urban Home Companion continues as a record label, theatrical company, and catalyst to designate space for activism and art.

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douglasawh on 02/01/16 at 07:40PM
I posted on the Toussaint Morrison artist page already, but if someone would like to come on Music Manumit to discuss the label, that would be great! It's hard to know whether or the service provider page is the better one for you, but there's a link to the service provider page if you want to check it out. Things are mostly the same between the two.
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