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Edo by Toussaint Morrison

Album Description

Released:June 24th, 2014
Producer: Dr. Wylie
Engineer: Dr. Wylie

It’s no secret- Toussaint Morrison has it out for his hometown of Minneapolis, MN. 

At the ripe age of 4, Toussaint was awoken mid-slumber on a humid New Orleans morning, and packed into a car speeding 1,297 miles for Minneapolis, MN. Upon his parent’s divorce, the relocation jilted him and his sister from a city beneath the sun, to a frigid metropolis cursed with staunch passive-aggression and racial disparity beyond an 80’s horror flick (Tony Todd reference, check). This defining moment lead to his resentment for Minneapolis even existing in such cold temperatures and an addiction to a gray box called Nintendo. 

Disdaining snow emergencies and a public school system already betting against him, the recluse grew to idolize Casey Jones, Kazuya, Ice Cube, Aerosmith and (insert 90’s anti-protagonist or sub-character here). Now, a prodigal dissociative son of the Twin Cities, Morrison comes clean with the fact his identity may never collect laud from local radio or press, and delivers a 20-track Molotov infused cocktail of ink and rage… pushing a scattershot for something more than his home field’s ears. 

Still in unholy matrimony and cabal with producer Dr. Wylie, the two conspire their final mixtape, Edo, just before constructing a solo album chalked with original material. The closing project befittingly named after Tokyo’s former title, revs the engine to the DeLorean, taking Morrison and listeners on a speed-heavy excursion to a mythical mash-up of Samurai Champloo and Akira. One man’s nightmare is another man’s mixtape, right? We wish it stopped there (seriously, we do), but it doesn’t. Weaving sociological content, and begrudging shrieks of “freedom” amidst the orchestration, Toussaint Morrison & Dr. Wylie stamp this one without discretion or apology 

Edo enters on the strong note of Morrison and Wylie’s past mixtape, Fast Times At Trillmont High, striking #17 on CMJ’s Hip-Hop Top 50 for 2013, and nearly 10,000+ downloads internet-wide. Stay tuned, as music videos, vocals-only versions, and special radio content release throughout this mixtape’s campaign.


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phifeu on 04/10/15 at 01:05PM
Whaou ! Excellent work !
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