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About Bilge Dasto

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<p><span class="ds3"><b>Bilge Dasto</b></span><span class="ds2"> is an all-free net label featuring bands from the Westchester/Fairfield avant-punk scene of the mid 80s and beyond.  </span><span class="ds2"><b>Ultrabunny</b></span><span class="ds2">, </span><span class="ds2"><b>BunnyBrains</b></span><span class="ds2">, </span><span class="ds2"><b>Invaders From Sears</b></span><span class="ds2">, </span><span class="ds2"><b>Fish Fish</b></span><span class="ds2">, </span><span class="ds2"><b>Thalidomide and the One-Armed Mongoloids</b></span><span class="ds2"> and more.</span></p><p>Bilge Dasto also partners with <b>TPOS Records</b> for current releases.</p>

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