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How much does a band earn when you’re sharing their music with a friend, or when you're using P2P or direct download services to get it? more ...

REGISTERED:2010-08-03 22:46:25

Ampeater Music is a website devoted to bridging the gap between unsigned (or just plain underexposed) artists and music lovers everywhere. Every day we feature a different artist on what we call The Ampeater Review. Each featured artist submits a “digital 7-inch” which we then complement with a detailed review and offer as a free download. Our goal is to help music lovers everywhere connect with new artists, and in turn help artists reach out to new listeners.

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:00:25

Analog Dog Productions is the nebulous entity behind the recordings of Malcom Strange and his band Crush Limbo.

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:00:26

From Animal Psi music blog: more ...

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Welcome to Angel Dust Records. We are a not-for-profit, creative commons licensed netlabel. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-12-17 17:37:52

"Created in 2000, based in Toulouse, Angstrom is focused in the innovative fields of electronic music. Degenerated pop, Ambient soundscapes, Abstract electronic, Electronica, Breaks, Mutant jazz and so on..." -discogs more ...

REGISTERED:2009-10-21 10:43:25

The Israeli music production company AnovA Productions Ltd. was established in 2006 with the goal of representing and promoting top Israeli alternative/independent rock and folk music talent in the local and international music market. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-02-08 21:00:28

Anticipate is a music label which combines elements of electro-acoustics, ambient, slow motion techno and found house with traces of filtered influences ranging from jazz, post-rock, classical, dub, musique concrete and minimalism. -Anticipate facebook | myspace | home

REGISTERED:2010-07-20 20:00:04

Netlabel from Belgium more ...

REGISTERED:2010-10-22 19:23:09

Microphones, cables of all kinds, synthesizers and other machines, computers, turntables prepared, speakers, camcorder, guitars, mixers, screw guns, bows, paper and pencil, Bontemps, bass, radios, soldering irons, tape ...  more ...

REGISTERED:2013-03-07 18:44:10

The sound of Apskaft is a collective of DIY avant-garde artists from all over the world, founded in 2007 by Jonas Lind.

REGISTERED:2009-07-02 12:52:41

Independent specialist label for historic recordings. Arbiter Records focuses on Western Classical, while sub-label World Arbiter releases archival recordings of international traditional music. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-04-16 14:46:35

Originally a label, now a community of musicians and their various projects.

REGISTERED:2013-03-27 16:01:12

AS220 is a non-profit community arts center located in the heart of downtown Providence, Rhode Island. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-02-19 23:22:37

AS220 Youth focuses on serving youth in the care and custody of the state of Rhode Island, helping them transition into a life full of choices through art and career development opportunities. It was created because of the belief in the power of art and the art process to have a positive impact in the life of these young people.   more ...

REGISTERED:2010-03-31 12:15:13

Astor Bell is a netlabel based in Stockholm that freely releases exclusive and original electronic music in the minimal, IDM and techno genres. As we are open-minded, the above genres mean nothing and only act as a starting point; creative and forward-thinking artists will find a home on Astor Bell regardless of the immediate label put on them. Our mission is to offer smart, electronic-based music freely to the masses via the internet and the occasional physical release. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:00:31

Who we are: we are a record label, like many others are, but we're a whole lot more than that. We are the baby of Lars. Lewerenz, who began to release our music, the music of his friends, his adopted family, in 2003. Which was a good decision, we've celebrated ourselves for this everywhere in the meantime. Cuz Audiolith Youth is everywhere. And we're there with it and down with it. We're coming to your town, and we're listening to what you have to say, and we'll see each other in the streets and we'll be wearing the same t-shirt. Your style is important to us, cause you like our mix. So you become part of it, cause everything fun and authentic goes, cause we're don't dig getting in trouble but rather get on parking lots. On which we rave. We drink our beer. But don't close our heads. We dance and sing songs. Cause we're way hotter than the crap they try to flog at you in Discounterland. Don't listen to them. Loosen up. Blow your mind with good music.

REGISTERED:2011-05-17 19:04:17

Audition Records is a series of documents centered on different compositional approaches to Free, Noise and all kinds of Experimental and Improvised Music performances as part of an effort to provide a exclusive space where instruments and sonorities can dialogue in freedom and intelligent sensibility, without concern for the semantic school or the stylistic signature of the performers. more ...

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