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REGISTERED:Apr 4, 2009
dualpLOVER is the musical orphanage for those square pegs that have trouble being placed in round holes. Since our foundation in 1995 slowly, steadily and surely we have released a highly diverse range of music from Australia and abroad. Everything from avant-pop to folk to noise to hip-hop to vaudeville to comedy to post punk to parody to electronica etc has bared our name. The name in fact is the literal English translation for the Japanese words for double-ended dildo, which in essence is what we do here; take it in from all directions! We are also a distributor of
a startling array of music's from all over, a broker for CD/DVD manufacturing, a promoter of shows and tours. We pride ourselves in our doing these things differently from most and cherish all things independent. please visit our Label Page to hear some of the labels output.


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03. Granpa Abela - roll 00:09:24
01. Granpa Abela - STOP 00:09:35
01. GAGU - Eilifint 00:09:45

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