Edited onApril 12, 2023

Meet We Is Shore Dedicated

We Is Shore Dedicated sits between the two colliding worlds of Brooklyn, NY, and Oakland, CA. They feature a motley collection of influences and members from the U.S., Russia, and Ukraine.

It's not polite or advised to try to describe the music of We Is Shore Dedicated. Perhaps a team of PR professionals could do it. They DID try to do it, and we saw the results and immediately buried them in the darkest corners of the internet.

We Is Shore Dedicated converges in whatever is good for the times feel and sound.

FMA Team

Born of the ashes of the SF experimental pop band The Ebb and Flow, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sam Tsitrin started the project as a recording outlet since the songs could never stop. Luckily, he didn't need to play every instrument on the record. Over the years, an entire army of jazz professionals from Oakland and Brooklyn scenes have played for We Is Shore Dedicated.

The band went on to record 8 records and as of November 2022 is working on the 9th, tentatively titled Original Pancake House of Ill Repute. At this point, the styles have changed so many times, from album to album, from song to song, and frequently from minute to minute. In one song, the band will go through up to 4 different musical ideas and styles. But never more than 4, that's their promise.

At some point in 2016, We Is Shore Dedicated decided to share the music with creators by publishing a few songs on FMA. Much to their surprise, the response was overwhelming and positive.

Rainbo Donuts - Released 2016 has over 24K plays and 6.1K downloads on FMA.

A significant boost in the listener base came when a YouTube star PJ Liguori made a movie; Hair and Brimstone featuring 3 tracks from We Is Shore Dedicated that he found on FMA. The movie became so successful that the songs are still getting played and listened to, with one song surpassing a million listens on Spotify.

Marty - Released 2017 has over 25.8K plays and 15.7K downloads on FMA.

We Is Shore Dedicated hopes more people discover their music through FMA and will always make their new sounds available for creators.

Thanks for listening! We Is Shore Dedicated might never stop!