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 We Is Shore Dedicated (7 Albums, 57 Tracks)


We Is Shore Dedicated
LOCATION:Oakland, CA or Brooklyn, NY
  • current and former:
  • Sam Tsitrin, Dmitry Ishenko, Chris Cline, Matt Holt, Bob Todd, Lyssa Beshears, Yana Davydova, Rob Mitzner
  • The Ebb and Flow, Echomoth, Woodhead
Ashtray hogging crooner hogs and anachronistic rats, but on ears pink balloons and oranges from China have arrived. This music is for the devil by the devil.   ****YOU CAN USE OUR MUSIC ON YOUTUBE****  If by chance you get a disputed copyright claim from CDBABY, DON't WORRY!  Your video will
not be taken down or contested. It's from the agreement between us and CDBaby that tracks our plays on Youtube. To read more:

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