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Live at WFMU on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show October 5, 2011 by Notekillers

Album Description

Released:October 5th, 2011
Host: Evan "Funk" Davies
Engineer: Diane Farris

The Notekillers started out in Philadelphia in the late '70s, shoehorning their instrumental "song-structures" into a disinterested Philly punk scene. They went on to play shows in New York City with the likes of The Feelies, The Bush Tetras and Glenn Branca. Ultimately, however, the band went dormant just as -- unbeknownst to them -- Thurston Moore was including the Notekillers on a mixtape for fellow members of Sonic Youth when that band was just starting out...

Fast-forward to 2004. Improbably, Moore releases a collection of Notekillers recordings from 1977-1981 on his Ecstatic Peace label to great critical acclaim. Even more improbably, the band starts gigging and recording again, leading to the release of their very first full-length album in 2010, We're Here To Help (Prophase). Now seven years into their second life, the band plays live on WFMU! Tune in to the Evan "Funk" Davies show at 9pm on Wednesday, October 5, and hear the live set that's been 35 years in the making! And catch Notekiller David First playing with Kid Millions as the band "Matter Waves" at the Stone on Saturday, Oct. 22! - DJ Evan


Live Performance

Live at WFMU on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show October 5, 2011
02. Airport (03:57)
03. Eyelash (02:56)
04. Glider (04:14)
05. Dreambook (05:23)
06. Compelled (03:17)
08. Modern Jazz (02:13)
09. Papers (04:44)
10. Zipper (04:03)
11. Interview (13:54)

Live at WFMU on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show October 5, 2011 by Notekillers is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International License.
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ragdso on 10/16/11 at 09:09PM
Great live session
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