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 Notekillers (1 Albums, 11 Tracks)


Cover art to the The Notekillers - We're Here to Help (Prophase, 2010)
LOCATION:Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • David First - Guitar
  • Stephen Bilenky - Bass
  • Barry Halkin - Drums
The band, originally created in the mid-seventies, features David First, Stephen Bilenky, and Barry Halkin. After a nearly thirty year hiatus, the three original members have chosen to breathe new life into The Notekillers, a band that Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame described so poignantly as "way ahead of
its time", adding "they had a big influence on me". Moore went on to release "Notekillers - 1977 -1981" on his label Ecstatic Peace, which was received with great acclaim and quickly became the most played "Loud Rock" recording for two months straight on WFMU. In the fall of 2010 the band released an album of new tracks developed during their second incarnation called "We're Here to Help" on Prophase Records.