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Los Emes Del Oso : experimental lofi french chilean argentineans punk folk satan fun and serious noise grrrrrrr

About Los Emes Del Oso

Los Emes Del Oso

So yeah a freemp3s net label website  .
so why do i do that you would tell me. truly is the Argentineans and Chileans who have given this idea. when you go in the metro buenos aires are many small stand cdr filled with pirated mp3s. integral discography of  known bands (like the beatles or other) and also a lot of cumbia compilations with 300 or 500 songs for each cd.

in Chile there  is lots of  label that offers everything eperimental 
noise progressive rock mp3s  for free. the etc. ...

you see the 7 inchs at the time for diy punk that made sense because it was the  cheaper thing  to produce.   Now there is this Internet tool that can explode velocity dispersion of culture by 2000. and grow an emulation action a joy to live music. and  it' s the purpose of this label created a machine that sends the energy through music.
I love that there is a lot of things on this label it will grow.

the music in this label are lots of lofi experimental rock and strange folk music but funny evil satan power but with funny and ironic  pop also

in this label you can find music of

_MAnuel j GROTESque
_CHarlene Darling
-Squelette de georges
- JIM Morrison Mon cul
-DUDU geva
-BEnjamin Bret
- LE chomage
-1400 points de sutures
- une compilation de nouvelle zique chilenoragentine
_nueve de DOS

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