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"Ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects. Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them. So I have erected one of his dwellings, with books as building stones, before you, and now he is going to disappear inside, as is only fitting." - Walter Benjamin 'Unpacking The Library'.

Herin, FantomojdeDiskono archive out of print, unreleased, half released, muted, hastily put down secret recordings and unfinished fragments which were generated during the active life of Scottish sound art collective Diskono (1998-2002) ... plus random path crossed rickets from the contemporary hass sphere.

Founded in the spring of 1998 and described as a "a Scottish multi media cabal masquerading as a record label”, Diskono released sound art & "avant-garde flicks of the wrist" from artists such as Felix Kubin, Alejandra and Aeron, Pimmon, JaDa, People Like Us, Francisco Lopez, Boards Of Canada, Goodiepal, V/Vm, Hrvatski (Keith Fullerton Whitman), Aavikko et al.

The collective also curated “conceptual” projects such as the exhibition ‘Revisionland’ by Alejandra & Aeron of Lucky Kitchen (Award of Distinction in Digital Music at Prix Ars Electronia 2002) and ‘physical remix’ series of 7” records with Aerospace Soundwise and Janek Schaefer (British Composer of the Year Winner for Sonic Art 2008). Everyone who bought a copy of the original 7” release of Janek Schaefer’s ‘Wow’ was invited to send off for another copy which had been physically remixed by a third person. The list of physical remixers including : Irdial Discs, Luke Fowler, Disinformation, Christina Kubish, zoviet*france, Matt Wand, Martin Tetreault, Phillip Jeck, Erik M, Ashtray Navigations, Radboud Mens, Staalplaat Sound System, Christian Marclay, Max Tundra, Steve Roden, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Danielle Lemaire.

Diskono as a collective split in 2002 and each ex-affiliate now freely uses the name for whatever purpose or project whenever and wherever. This here blasr included.

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