Злурад | Zlurad

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Zlurad (aka Злурад) are a noisecore/jazzcore band, started in Moscow in 2015 when Rudolf (aka Рудольф) members Karandash (ex Made in China, Detieti, Brom) and Dimon (Microbulldozer, A Meal Trip, ex Metro3, Izrazets, Godse, Topot Arkestra, Brom, MMDM) had met Andrew (8 Hz, Iskomet, Oblomok Unitaza, Tishinati, TornBoots, Kim-Sedakov Duo & many collaborations, ex Tsirkul George, Cats Call, Post-Materialists, Brom, Kostarev Group, HUI, CH.O.T, Yantarny Koprofil, Zarin). Karandash wanted to be in a band where he could scream, while other guys playing musical instruments in a more convenient way. As a one time rehearsal project Zlurad had happened several times before, but only with Andrey (drums), Dimon (bass) and Karandash (howls and corroded crumpled trumpet) things went real. For circa one year they were playing improvised grindcore - mostly superfast, with sudden tempo switches and weird riffs. But they wanted more vocals, so Vanish (Rudolf, DJ Zhmerek, ex Stone Cold Boys, Detieti) took the third mic and a bit later Violetta (Postviolet) joined on the forth mic.

After several rehearsals they did a record at the Orange studio with Nick Samarin (IWKC, Evil Bear Boris). This session was split up between 2 cd:
DIY mini-CD “Колбаса” (aka Ritual, baton sausage, Kolbasa, Salami). It was done as a gift for Violetta birthday in 2017. CD was designed like a sliced salami pack with silk printed zine inside. There were only 100 copies made. 7/16/2021 EP was released on bandcamp and digital platforms via addicted label
CD “Во благо злу” aka “A Blessing or a Curse (for the Good of Evil)” out January 2019 on addicted label BNiL.

In 2019 the band prepared an acoustic program. In 2020 Peter Ototsky released a live EP “Zlurad at the Booth” that was recorded by himself live at Muzeon Park of Arts, Moscow, 29.07.2019.