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zigo is a sound artist from Argentina, who moves between savage electronics and dark soundscapes in a dystopian, underground style. His residence is divided between the metropolis of Buenos Aires and the mountainous area of San Marcos Sierras. He works with field recordings, recombinant electronics and analogue equipment, which he uses to compose his soundscapes and “dream tours”. Since the mid 80s (when he was immersed in the world of cassette culture) he has been recording, playing, improvising, taking photographs and filming his own travels around the world. His work includes slides, projections, analogue equipment, do-it-yourself culture, tapes, cassettes, circuit
bending, i-ching, tarot, tao te king, alien life, subterranean poetry, sci-fi, acoousmatics, isolationism, soundscapes, cut-ups, alchemy. His last records have been published on labels such as Pueblo Nuevo and Impulsive Habitat. He has presented improvisational live shows in Argentina and Chile, in museums, art galleries, universities, libraries and theatres performing both alone and with collaborators. Recently he played live in the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires and in the Instituto Cultural de Espana in Chile. He has performed with various musicians (trumpet, guitar, drums, keyboards & computers). He is experimenting with his own “parallel worlds” videos and slide projections. Among others, he has worked with Ginneta Correlli from Las Vegas, USA, for The Forgotten Film Gallery and Marshmallow Press Productions. He has also played with Tamizales and cooperated with Leandro Frias in soundscapes and spoken word pieces. He holds a doctorate from the University of Buenos Aires and has studied deep listening with Pauline Oliveros (USA) and soundscapes with Murray Schaeffer(Canada).  




01. .zigo - sensoI 00:05:35
02. .zigo - aeromancias 00:03:46
03. .zigo - trodal 00:03:13
04. .zigo - sensoII 00:02:38
05. .zigo - coda red 00:02:52