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[cwk0023] (ClassWar Karaoke 0023) - 87.Exploring the Unknown by weltAusstellung

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nx2013-09 - CC Experimental Electronic Music Compilation. (Compiled by: Miquel Parera)   Cover: nxComposition048-2013-9-28_0-33-57-02 (Miquel Parera)   Tracklist:   nx2013-09_01:: [txr048] Empty Flat Resonance (Cephalothorax) - 02.3-4 Info:: http://textural­   nx2013-09_02:: [rw102] Swaying Smoke (Away From the Empty) - 02.Impaled Info::­smoke­away­from­the­empty   nx2013-09_03:: [cwk0023] OU-pi Golgotha.undead (ClassWar Karaoke 0023) - 57.XzaG Info::­_0023_Survey/   nx2013-09_04::
[cwk0023] WeltAusstellung (ClassWar Karaoke 0023) - 87.Exploring the Unknown Info::­_0023_Survey/    nx2013-09_05:: [rw102] Swaying Smoke (Away From the Empty) - 01.Imbued With Fervor Info::­smoke­away­from­the­empty    nx2013-09_06:: [txr049] The Black Iris Militia (Sun Devouration) - 03.Low Pressure  Info:: http://textural­­devouration/   nx2013-09_07:: [rw­101] Starr Party & Lienullnoyz (Split EP) - 04.Fields of Glue Info::­101­StarrPartyLienullnoyz   nx2013-09_08:: [txr048] Empty Flat Resonance (Cephalothorax) - 04.7-8 Info:: http://textural­   nx2013-09_09:: [cwk0023] Noise Research (ClassWar Karaoke 0023) - 53.Fermi Paradox Info::­_0023_Survey/    nx2013-09_10:: [hak243] Aatxe (Catastrophe Ultraviolette) - 01.The String Info::   nx2013-09_11:: [txr050] The Darkening Machine (Dwindling Light) - 02.Travel In The Rough Darkness Sphere Info:: http://textural­­light/   nx2013-09_12:: [ztsn002] Hertz Volta and Antonio B.Sánchez (L+R) - 01.L+R Info::   All tracks are CC, but if you don't want your work in this compilation, please contact me: