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  • silvia corda
  • adriano orrù
  • guy-frank pellerin
  • joão pedro viegas
joão pedro viegas is a self-taught saxophone and clarinet player. an author, lead singer and saxophonist of the groups ethnos, dr. estranho amor and just jazz friends. has studied jazz since 1983. plays alto and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet and clarinet.silvia corda is a pianist, composer and piano teacher. she is mainly interested in jazz, contemporary music, improvised music as well as multimedia projects involving performing arts – contemporary dance, video, cinema, theatre.adriano orrù is a composer and double bass player who was born in nuoro, italy in 1958 and now lives and works in cagliari. he devotes his time
to jazz, radical improvisation, and chamber music. he also works as a music teacher.guy-frank pellerin is a musician interested in improvised music, instant composition, free, structured or unstructured music without premeditation, or sometimes meditated. he is interested in creating sounds by himself, or with others.