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air-fire-water-earth by the Dorkestra

Album Description

cover pic
cover pic
Producer: Twig Harper
Engineer: Derek Morton
Hey Chuck, I was very impressed bythe Dorkestra. It was raging and roaring, delicate and thoughtful, sweeping thunder washing me and my neighborhood out to see than gently creeping up to toy with & if I am lucky even pounce on my shoelace. I could hear everyone's voice equally, there
were such wonderfully equal measures of sparseness & thickness sprinkled in the sauce that it confounded and entertained me like so many tennis games going on at cross purposes along a life-size parcheesi board... Teazing and satisfying wiht a hint of impending violence I put my hand to the earth and feel the hot throbbing pounding marching of an addagio army of classically trained giant trolls... (most of whom are clearly light in their loafers) What can I say? The Dorkestra has nothing that I do not want. Right on!T 



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