to be and not to be

the Young Philosophers' Club

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Released Feb 20, 2010
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[color=#363636;]i walked in a landscape where things were not things but ideas[/color][color=#363636;]not ideas but seeds of ideas seeing their own fruits and thinking[/color][color=#363636;]maybe not[/color][color=#363636;]trees uprooting themselves and dissolving into bits and bytes[/color][color=#363636;]in a landscape of fragmentation and maybe-yes maybe-no[/color][color=#363636;]in a landscape where you can only walk in circles[/color][color=#363636;]and in such a landscape i saw flowers of pure and unspoiled beauty[/color][color=#363636;]beauty that destroys the beholder[/color][color=#363636;]chasing beauty, fleeing from beauty[/color][color=#363636;]the snake eats its own tail and swallows itself[/color][color=#363636;]what is left over?[/color][color=#363636;]i saw flowers of pure and unspoiled beauty[/color][color=#363636;]i saw seeing itself[/color][color=#363636;]i saw i[/color][color=#363636;]i walked in a landscape where walking was the landscape[/color][color=#363636;]walking the talking[/color][color=#363636;](walkie-talkie)[/color][color=#363636;]walking the talking[/color][color=#363636;]where words became sounds[/color][color=#363636;]sounds[/color] became noise noise became silence silence became perfect perfect became redundant redundant became rhythm rhythm became melody melody became love love became God God became a mouse a mouse became a human a human became a house a house became a word a word became all things (in the beginning was the word) all things, all things, all things so many things, who has the time for so many things, all things to see a thing, to be a thing to think about things, to know things so many things, who has the time for all this spectacular abundance for all this time who has the time for all this time? i walked in a landscape of time day turned to night and night turned to day and i wondered if night turns to day and day turns to night is day really day and night really night? or is it something else turning into day and night? or is it nothing else? or is it? that which appears changes that which doesn&rsquo;t appear never changes that which changes appears that which doesn&rsquo;t change doesn&rsquo;t appear but is? or is not? i walked in a landscape of is and is-not is and is-not to be and not to be to become and not to become to believe and not to believe to see and not to see to feel and not to feel to do and not to do to breathe and not to breathe to be and not to be i walked walking, i wondered am i walking to get somewhere or walking to get nowhere? walking, walking, walking i walked right into _______[color=#363636;] [/color]


Siddhartha Corsus