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Freeharmonics Vol. 1

Album Description

Producer: Lee Rosevere
The largest musical collaboration among Free Music Archive artists. Enlisting a dozen musicians with diverse backgrounds from the FMA, a framework was set up for random collaboration over the internet on the dozen tracks on this album, with three musicians per track, assigned to either start, continue or finish their piece. I Know Its Raining, Lets Hug Anyway by Candlegravity, Unthunk, and Simon Mathewson If Thats What You Want by Steve Combs, half cocked, and Unthunk Tessera by Blue Dot Sessions, Scott Holmes, and half cocked Turkish Delight by half cocked, Blue Dot Sessions, and Small Colin (Ft. Lee Rosevere
on drums) Eat My Shorts by Scott Holmes, Small Colin, and Matt Oakley Sleepless by Jahzzar, Candlegravity, and Blue Dot Sessions Trident by Simon Mathewson, Steve Combs, and Jahzzar Unconquered Sun by Matt Oakley, Simon Mathewson, and Scott Holmes Loops To Aviemore by Small Colin, Matt Oakley, and Aglow Hollow Mach Precedent by Aglow Hollow, Monk Turner, and Candlegravity Baby Babble by Monk Turner, Aglow Hollow, and Steve Combs Veronicas Lament by Unthunk, Jahzzar, and Monk Turner


UPLOADED: 02/25/2021
LISTENS: 54013

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