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wee rot by tay_ploops

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Tay_ploops is a solo project of multidisciplinary Canadian artist (painter, performer, puppeteer, musician) Jessica Gabriel. She initially conceived Ta_rot as a concept album of sad experimental songs to be released on 30 november 2018, for the international remembrance day for lost species. Unexpected events of the cycle of life and
death intervened in the genesis of this project and delayed it several times- but the wheel continues to turn and we are glad to finally to share this touching sonic testimony created with fragile materials. ta_rot is sound collage born from death …the moon…..the wheel of time… gone again end again love to shell (Jessica Gabriel)   Credits : all sounds recorded on handheld casse-tête tape save for vocal loops on track 2 recorded with eye_fone loopy app all the instruments, tape loops, sounds and smears are collected, played, mixed and mélanged by moi using audacity extralala credits : words read from vicki noble’s motherpeace tarot on tracks 1, 2, 3 voice by brandon schwinn on tracks 4 & 9 piano by chloe ziner on tracks 4 & 10 bc ferries safety announcements on track 6 tape loop – the wyrd sisters “leave a little light” on track 6 tape loop – genesis “the lamb lies down…” on tracks 7 & 8 Also available in lossless formats (flac and wav) from



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