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 speedy ortiz (2 Albums, 20 Tracks)


LOCATION:Northampton, MA
  • matt robidoux: guitar
  • mike falcone: drums
  • sadie dupuis: guitar/vox
  • darl ferm: bass
  • Quilty
Following the demise of Brooklyn rock trio Quilty, vocalist/guitarist Sadie Dupuis began writing music at summer camp under the name Speedy Ortiz. Her knack for songwriting was prosperous as she quickly wrote, performed, and recorded an EP and full length of hook-heavy home demos. The recordings are raw and simple,
allowing the focus to rest entirely on the charm and sarcastic wit of the songs themselves without any studio gloss in sight. Speedy Ortiz was never meant to be a solo act, however, and it was almost serendipitous that during the same time two other East Coast indie rock favorites came to an end. Graph’s Matt Robidoux (guitars), Ovlov’s Mike Falcone (drums), and Darl Ferm (bass) joined Speedy Ortiz, coming together to create a crushing sound of early ‘90s-influenced guitar rock, grunge, and experimental pop. The Massachusetts band’s grueling work ethic has led to near constant shows on the East coast since their formation.Accessed on April 2, 2012 from

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