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  • gaëlle deblonde
  • errika manta
gaëlle deblonde was born in 1978 in bayonne, france and now lives in paris where she is a professional violin performer. for six years she was a member of the lamoureux orchestra and performed in the most beautiful halls in paris. she has recorded and performed with various orchestras throughout
europe and korea. additionally she has participated in various projects such as: ORFO – dance, video, music performance); the post-rock band, sire, with whom she released an album and toured with the dresden dolls; the ava antico trio; maximum kouette; and cocorosie. when she met errika manta a passion for improvisation and post electro-acoustic music was born. they continue to share their musical universe in performance art. errika manta was born in athens in 1977 and now lives and works in paris, france. she received a d.e.a. (masters degree) in visual arts, contemporary art and new media at the paris 8 university vincennes-saint-denis, france where she specialized in sound, noise and music. she continued her academic research in the analytical philosophy of language, sound and music based on the question of music and deafness (phd). she is a researcher at laboratoire d’acoustique musicale (laboratory of music and acoustics) and hosted a workshop with the troupe of the theater of the deaf (Θέατρο κωφών Αθήνας) in athens in the summer 2012. currently she is preparing a musical educational workshop with GRADISCA company – a multidisciplinary artist collective demanding two essential concepts: culture for all and culture accessible to all. additionally she has participated in workshops at IRCAM (institute for music / acoustic research & coordination) and is a former member of OrMaDor (machine and computer orchestra) under the direction of the composer arnaud sallé. she has collaborated with many visual and video artists and musicians.