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Tiny Penis by sexy dubs

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art by Greg Harrison
art by Greg Harrison
Get ready, get set, GET SMALL! Get your tiny instruments together (or oversized ones, or ones that are juuuust right), grab a recording device, and add your itty bitty masterpiece(s) to our collection! Every microSong will be licensed under a Creative Commons Zero license so that it can be freely
used by anyone in a video, remix, extraordinarily brief performance art piece, or whatever else they may choose. Songs must be your own work, and must not exceed fifteen (15) seconds in length. We only accept MP3 submissions. First prize wins a 3-D printer. Runners up get swag from Creative Commons and WFMU.  So, do you have a few seconds? Help us come up short!  The Challenge begins on January 26th & runs through February 20th 2015. To enter, login with your FMA username and click on the "Submit Track" button at the top of the album page. 



106. sexy dubs - Tiny Penis 00:00:00

Track Info

Sexy Dubs is your 99 year old son that went missing years ago and only now resurfaces creating the perfect song, "Tiny Penis" for you! Tiny Penis was originally submitted to the Dress-dress-dress musical weblabel under the album "ONE FOR THE BOOKS" which had one track called Tiny Penis.
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