arbor philosophica

reid karris

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Released Jul 07, 2017
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this music is inspired mainly by the musica universalis or harmony of the spheres, which deals with the idea that celestial bodies all emit their own unique hum based on their orbital revolution. when this idea was conceived all that there was to go on was the distance between the earth and these things floating around in space so it kind of makes sense that the earth would be the center, so the scale is only kind of right, at least when they were looking out to mars and the gas giants, closer in the order is a little off. this means that the order gets rearranged when the scale is laid out based on the planets actual position. the other inspiration is the alchemic concept of the philosophical tree, which has seven branches representing the seven planets and their corresponding metal. the idea for this album is the combination of all these ideas into one score to create a drone that shifts through a progression of tones as one travels from one side of the solar system to the other.all music performed and recorded by reid karrisa summoning of layers. heralding okay “a”. birds of sub warbling. the slip of tape crash. whirs and bowls. swirl uprising. swell. waves crest beneath electricity. time smears grain.