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- ■ [.que] / Nao Kakimoto Born in 1987. Musician who lives in Osaka. His sound is played delicate electronics, as the source of acoustic guitar, the sound soft and refreshing feeling. Started working as [.que] in Osaka, 2010. In April 2010, His sound was evaluated as excellent music by  "FRED PERRY /WHY?" which is the FRED PERRYxMySpace music contest which greeted Yukihiro Takahashi (YMO, pupa) as a judge.  Participated in a number of compilation albums so far, in May 2012, 1st album "sigh" own label ''embrace label'', In July, released in quick succession the 2nd album "calm down" from
''introducing! ''. Two albums are highly acclaimed albums together. He is also active composer, as well as a sound designer, production space, and providing music to video work, his work has a wide range. He will be releasing 3rd album as early as the spring of 2013. - :: web :: -  


Tracks from compilations

04. [.que] - bright step 00:03:41