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Introducing...Patrick Kilpatrick

Album Description

Producer: Patrick Kilpatrick
Engineer: Patrick Kilpatrick
Meant as the Kilpatrick debut, the tracks on Introducing... were thought lost after a computer crash, before the time of the iCloud and he did not always save his work. A CD-R was found long after the fact and these songs reflect what was on that disc. The quality of
the mixes are not great: at times the beats and samples stumble upon one another and some of the transitions are not subtle. However, there are some stand out moments and overall, these songs were thought salvageable. I hope you agree. This music is a mix of punk and indie rock, free jazz and electronica, thrift store flexi-discs and bachelor pad instrumentals with plenty of crispy beats and surface noise. If you play Drop the Needle, you may find samples from The Cramps, Killer Kane Band, Flipper, Pigface, The National, Pregnant Ghost, Guided By Voices, Lou Reed, Duane Eddy, Sun Ra, Milford Graves, Sonny Sharrock, John Butcher, but then again, you may not; who am I, your hearing ear person?


UPLOADED: 06/14/2021

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