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at Borobudur
ov moi omm discography - album covers
ov moi omm discography - album covers
ov moi omm discography - album covers
ov moi omm discography - album covers
ov moi omm discography - album covers
ov moi omm discography - compilation album covers
ov moi omm discography - compilation album covers
ov moi omm discography - compilation album covers
LOCATION:Ontario, Canada
  • 10 Echo
  • Pulse Burst
  • Julia Felix
  • Polyphony Più
  • Irama Gema
  • Omniman
  • Omniman II
  • Yellow Omm
  • Ihsan & The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
"Mellow Psychedelic Experimental Noize For What Might Ever Be Left Ov Your Soul in These Modern Day Timez" Ov (of; [uhv, ov, unstressed uh v or, esp. before constants, uh] used to indicate apposition or identity) Moi [mwa;(valeur emphatique)] Omm [om/om (noun - a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers and texts) Om, or Aum (written with the generic Devanagari symbol; or spelled out in Devanagari om, aum or om; and occasionally written in Tibetan form)] Mellow psychedelic experimental noise formed out
of the intial ashes of Omniman during the mild Canadian winter of 2009. Ov Moi Omm originally began as a vehicle for exploration. An exploration of experimental ideas; musical ideas that had been influenced by a varity of musical genres that can be found throughout the world. Sounds with chance and coincidence. Landscapes turn into soundscapes and soundscapes turn into landscapes; the compositions defy classic structures and rely heavily upon "sound" collage. Ov Moi Omm is also a further vehicle (umbrella) for the musical exploration of the following acts: Omniman (II); Irama Gema; 10 Echo; Polyphony Piu; Ihsan & the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Yellow Omm (a collaborative effort between Ov Moi Omm and Yellow Sunshine Microdot Happiness Band (YSMHB); Pulse Burst and Julia Felix. These acts can often appear alongside Ov Moi Omm and are definitely a apart of the Ov Moi Omm universe and experience.

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08. Ov Moi Omm - Ah Pook 00:03:22
01. Ov Moi Omm - Anti-Cosmic Initiatic Approach 00:03:34
206. Ov Moi Omm - Apes Itch Too 00:03:14
01. Ov Moi Omm - Audley Road (Dasein) 00:01:23
03. Ov Moi Omm - Chakrasamvara 00:04:00
08. Ov Moi Omm - Clouds in the Upper Atmosphere 00:03:14
06. Ov Moi Omm - Dean Ave to St. Eloi Ave 00:01:30
07. Ov Moi Omm - Each to their own Weirdness 00:02:13
05. Ov Moi Omm - Egotistikal Motherfuckers 00:03:05
10. Ov Moi Omm - Fatimah 00:02:03
09. Ov Moi Omm - For this Relief, Much Thanks! 00:03:01
05. Ov Moi Omm - Hardd Vakuum Remix 00:02:02
14. Ov Moi Omm - Hector B. Poole condensed 00:11:09
02. Ov Moi Omm - Identity, Thought and State 00:02:22
05. Ov Moi Omm - Indica Mix 00:04:01
04. Ov Moi Omm - Inn Zone & Cloud A 00:01:35
01. Ov Moi Omm - Interovmoiommosis 00:07:36
06. Ov Moi Omm - I Was Different 00:02:15
01. Ov Moi Omm - Komunikasi 00:03:08
06. Ov Moi Omm - MAnNOs 00:10:28
05. Ov Moi Omm - Musim Hujan [Edit] 00:05:11
01. Ov Moi Omm - Mus Musculus 00:06:10
04. Ov Moi Omm - Not Completely Remix 00:03:18
06. Ov Moi Omm - outdated 9 00:03:19
10. Ov Moi Omm - Outré 00:08:23
03. Ov Moi Omm - Peromyscus Leucopus 00:04:43
02. Ov Moi Omm - September Phases 00:06:10
01. Ov Moi Omm - Sunshower Ouija Woman 00:04:20
107. Ov Moi Omm - The Anthropic Cosmological Principle 00:02:31
226. Ov Moi Omm - The False Copernican Principle 00:02:09
15. Ov Moi Omm - The Javan Tango 00:01:54
06. Ov Moi Omm - Visceral Social Conditioning 00:03:14
04. Ov Moi Omm - Wansdyke 00:00:30
02. Ov Moi Omm - Wilson Rd Plaza 00:04:26
06. Ov Moi Omm - Wouldz (Like In A Nice Ending) 00:03:44
07. Ov Moi Omm - Wūd˘ỉ-ỉensəu (In Four Parts) 00:03:29