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Jedediah Smith circa 61'
  • Jedediah Smith
  • Edd Chitenden
  • John Grewell
My Teenage Stride is Jedediah Smith on instruments and a rotating cast of musicians. MTS's two early records and 7"s garnered praise from the indie pop world but 2007's Ears Like Golden Bats was the album which captured a larger audience, with its now-trendy pastiche of early 80s Flying Nun
mid-fi pop, C-86 guitar spazzstics, 70s Eno vibes, Spector/60s melodic sensibility, and abstruse, often morbid lyrics. A digital singles series and a recent 7" found Smith pushing farther away from his immediate influences and have gathered accolades and play from such distinguished types as the BBC's Tom Ravenscroft (John Peel's son) and Matador Records' Doug Mosurock The songs in this collection were recorded during the spring and summer of 2010 with Smith as the sole musician. Two 7"s and a full-length LP are currently in the works, featuring the current MTS lineup of Ed Chitenden and John Grewell. - T.J. Moore