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Released Nov 12, 2009
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Peter: “Art, shmart. Put enough monkeys in a room with a typewriter, they’ll produce Shakespeare.”
[Cutaway to monkeys in a room with a computer]
Monkey 1: “Uh, let’s see, ‘a something by any other name…’” Monkey 2: “Carnation? Peony…” Monkey 3: “No, they did that on last week’s ‘Marlowe’.” Monkey 4: “Uh, what about, uh, daisy?” Monkey 5: “Chrysanthemum?” Monkey 2: “Iris? Rose? What about rose?” Monkey 1: “Did you say rose? Rose…” Monkey 4: “Rose is good.” Monkey 1: “‘A rose by any other name…’ Yeah, that works, alright. [they all agree] Moving on…” Monkey 5: “Hey, what about tulip?” Monkey 1: “Rose is fine. Moving on…”