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My name is Ebsa, I am from England and I am Caucasian European.I feel that Jamaican culture has had such a massive impact on the people of the world for a simple reason: it is a link between the modern Western world and the origins of humanity in Africa around
200,000 years ago. One thing that unites all humans is our biological ancestry. The main way this link is manifested today is through sound and rhythm, known in the English language as ‘music’. When I first found mildtape’s music online back in November 2010, I felt an instant connection and contacted him. The internet is a fascinating invention which allowed us to communicate through email and listening to each other’s music.mildtape told me about the LCL label and I thought it was great. LCL uses the freedom of the internet to allow producers to publish their music for listeners to find and enjoy. This is a way in which technology has aided nature, allowing people who have never physically met to re-unite in their appreciation of the ‘dub’ sound.I do not follow any specific religion, I believe in the power of nature and the universe. I feel that people who connect to the international dub cloud, especially those who invite others and allow them to connect (such as the people who run LCL) are doing positive work towards harmony and nature.