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microSongs are the future! We're starting a new wave... the micro-wave! Join us and submit your tiny masterpieces to our…

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microSong Entries 2015 - Album
Get ready, get set, GET SMALL! Get your tiny instruments together (or oversized ones, or ones that are juuuust right),…



yam655 Nov 08, 2015

Will you be doing this again? In February of 2015 I did two "10in10" challenges, which is ten 10 second songs as a part of FAWM (February Album Writing Month). This was a thing a number of folks were doing,...

katya-oddio Sep 11, 2015

Updated my ringtones with you guys! Thank you so much for these fun tunes!

Jaan Patterson Feb 25, 2015

what a wonderful idea! So glad to have taken part with my itchy bit. love to Cheyenne, FMA, WFMU! Thanks for doing it! suRRism cheers!