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improvised guitar pieces

Album Description

this album is a collection of guitar improvisations. the aim was to record a series of solo improvisations with an emphasis on exploring and experimenting with different guitar sounds. all the sounds are produced using an electric guitar apart from a tape reel loop in track 9 and an air
extractor in track 3. there is no editing or meticulous post-production as the attention was mostly focused on grasping, as fairly as possible, the spontaneity of the moment. the album was recorded in london and mastered in the studio ‘hitmakers mastering‘ by aldo gilardi and ‘studioclot’ by ruben bass – barcelona 2011  



improvised guitar pieces
01. luciana bass - improv v 00:05:13
02. luciana bass - improv ii 00:02:33
03. luciana bass - extractor 00:03:26
04. luciana bass - improv i 00:03:31
05. luciana bass - inter 00:01:01
06. luciana bass - peckham 00:02:48
07. luciana bass - looper 00:02:42
08. luciana bass - wc 00:01:06
09. luciana bass - improv iii 00:02:36
10. luciana bass - nomade 00:02:48
11. luciana bass - xxxx 00:01:43
12. luciana bass - improv iv 00:04:20
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