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The members of loadbang met as part of the first class of Manhattan School of Music's Contemporary Performance program, and have been playing together ever since. In the past year they have premiered more than 15 works for their unique instrumentation (bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone voice), including several works written by members of the band, and a new arrangement by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang. They also perform works for indeterminate ensemble, including such New York School classics as Brown's December 1952 and Cage's Four6. Not content to dwell solely in the realm of notated music, loadbang is known for its searing and unpredictable improvisations, exploring the edges of instrumental and vocal timbre and technique. Most recently they have ventured outside New York, performing in art galleries, restaurants, and churches in Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. They have performed alongside musicians and ensembles such as So Percussion, Lukas Ligeti, and Newspeak.  Their recent performances in New York include appearances at The Tank, The Stone, The 1st Annual New York New Music Bake Sale, and an all John Cage evening at the Gershwin Hotel.

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