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Pretend and walk outside

Album Description

krackatoa - Pretend and walk outside
krackatoa - Pretend and walk outside
Producer: Andre William Owen
Gentle orchestral melancholic song, "pretend and walk outside" for the dreams that pass us by like the fading of a winter sun. All Krackatoa music is Non-Commercial use, to purchase a license for commercial use view licensing info at or like on facebook:)   lyrics   he writes
his final score to crowd applause pretend and walk outside a lady sweeps those dirty floors  the empty chairs don't judge her pride all though their dreams have past them by like the fading of a winter sun all gone   I might not have a home but I've got a soul that keeps me warm  again my friend I might look alone but I've got a thousand friends in my hands   again.


Single Tracks

Pretend and walk outside
UPLOADED: 01/15/2015
LISTENS: 49360

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