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Businesses, if you'd like to use my music, please contact me first.
I'm not a fan of religious, political or violent videos so I'd ask you not to use my music in these. If you do, I'll be asking you to remove it. I'm happy to hear your argument for using it if you still really want to and would like to convince me. 
If anyone is interested in releasing or using any of this music in an interesting way, please feel free to contact me and let me know. I'm also open to interesting collaborations, remixes, soundtracking etc.
 Contact: tony.higgins2@gmail.com
Some of the interesting collaborations I've done lately:
I play live shows where I make all of the electronic music live using a Novation X-Station, 10 guitar pedals and my Electro-Timbales, ask me for more details!
junior85 is a musician and composer from Galway, Ireland. He has also played drums for Meljoann, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Seamus Fogarty, So Cow, Vince Mack Mahon, Local Living Guy, Laura Sheeran, Viking Moses. In February 2009 he undertook to try to create a new EP to release every week, some of which has been featured on An Taobh Tuathail radio show on RnaG. The first five of these are: “Sleepy EP” (Feb 09), “now it’s for everyone/now it’s for noone EP” (Feb 09), “Wiiiiiiiiiiide Awake EP” (March 09), “As It Happens pts 1-5” (April 09) and “i am leaving home EP” (April 09). His first album is out now on Psychometric Records.
Some past gig info: I've had music featured at: E+VA Festival, Vox Novus 60x60 International Project, Soundings @ Daghda Arts Space Limerick, EAR Festival, Sonorities Festival @ Queens, CMC New Music Festival, Cortona Contemporary Music Festival. I've also solo supported Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), KK Null, Chequerboard, Cane 141 and lots of other folks at Stress!!. Drumming with other folks I've supported Deerhoof, Dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip, Maximo Park, Richmond Fontaine, Mark Eitzel, Frightened Rabbit, Die Die Die.
I once had a dog. No. I didn't. You once had a dog. You once had a dig, too. I didn't dig. I dug. There was a place where that was done and where it was expected to. I sung. If it were words that you were to sing I'd sung along. I'd try, too. The words were, when sung, perhaps not as important as the not. The impact of them, in their hush, in the soft midst of them is in the ones you thought they were, in the mistakes to be made and the templates that they were touching to that to you in your mind applied and could form the sentence of the momentum of the motion of the mention of the melody form from. You were thinking of another song! But I was too.